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Where Connections Are Built Through Art Cards and Events: Custom orders are always welcome!

Welcome to my page

My name is Juliana, and I am based in the Ottawa area. Beyond my day job, I enjoy community building, nature, travel, and art, leading to my decision to create this project. I am the founder of the Bourget Community Market, and online communities such as the 5 Minute Presentation Event Series and Wellness Connections. I sell a range of my photography (including photoshoots), greeting cards, canvases, stickers, and puzzles,. A Year of Gratitude greeting cards kits are also available for purchase, which includes 12 greeting cards and a journal to write in. The idea is to send one card per month to thank someone who has made an impact in your life.

It is amazing the effect you can have on someone simply by sending them a kind hello or thank you note. A card is a great physical reminder of the connections in your life. For every set of cards sold, $1 is donated to the Canadian Mental Health Association.

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Chelsea, QC, Canada

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